Thoreau’s Writings

The Walden Woods Project maintains the preeminent collection of works by and about Henry David Thoreau. We continually digitize content from our collections to increase the material available on-line. On this page, you can access all of the works by Thoreau that are currently available in digital format.


Thoreau holograph manuscript leaf from Walden (The Thoreau Collection of Kevin MacDonnell)
Thoreau holograph Walden manuscript leaf  (The Thoreau Collection of Kevin Mac Donnell)

Collected Works

Individual Works


Digital Thoreau

A collaborative initiative of the Walden Woods Project, The Thoreau Society, and SUNY Geneseo, offering a "fluid text" edition of Walden that traces the work's development across its seven manuscript versions, as well as a social reading platform for exchanging ideas in the margins of Thoreau's works.


Thoreau signature