Stewardship Lectures

The Walden Woods Project sponsors the Stewardship Lecture Series to celebrate innovation and creativity in environmental stewardship and to highlight the work of those who are promoting the values and ideas embodied by Thoreau. The Lecture Series features talks, panel discussions or media presentations featuring individuals at the cutting edge of a renewed environmental and social justice movement.  Programs are all free and open to the public, unless specified.

Recorded Virtual Events:

Earth Day Lecture with Dahr Jamail: CLICK HERE

Thoreau Q&A with Jeffrey S. Cramer: CLICK HERE

Jeffrey S. Cramer Solid Seasons reading: CLICK HERE

TEDxTheWaldenWoodsProject part 1 with Bill McKibben: CLICK HERE

TEDxTheWaldenWoodsProject part 2: view our selected presentations from Al Gore, HRH Prince William, Amanda Gorman, and more: CLICK HERE.

David Gessner Stewardship Lecture: CLICK HERE. 

Writing Toward Resilience Lyceum: CLICK HERE.

Nathaniel Popkin and Gail Straub: TO REACH THE SPRING: CLICK HERE. 

Thoreau and the Miracle of Poetry: CLICK HERE. 

Earth Day: Ruth Mendelson and The Water Tree Way: CLICK HERE. 

The Art of Perception: A Virtual Lyceum: CLICK HERE. 

Now Comes Good Sailing: A Virtual Conversation: CLICK HERE. 

Walden, a game: A Virtual Experience: CLICK HERE. 

Six Walks: A Conversation with Ben Shattuck: CLICK HERE. 

The Walden Woods Project presentation (by Executive Director Kathi Anderson) for Lincoln Conservation: CLICK HERE

Climate Change: What Would Thoreau Say w/ Bill Moomaw: CLICK HERE

Silent Spring Revolution: A Conversation with Douglas Brinkley: CLICK HERE

Fire Suppression & Climate Change: A Conversation with George Wuerthner: CLICK HERE

On Belonging In Outdoor Spaces Series (ongoing lectures): CLICK HERE

Upcoming Stewardship Lectures

No Events

View videos of previous Stewardship Lectures:

Lincoln (MA) Public Television frequently records our in-person Stewardship Lectures and makes them available to the public. Please visit their site to see a selection of some of our past Lectures (select “Walden Woods” in the menu on the left side of the page). Refer to the top of this page for 2020 virtual recordings.