Stewardship Lectures

The Walden Woods Project sponsors the Stewardship Lecture Series to celebrate innovation and creativity in environmental stewardship and to highlight the work of those who are promoting the values and ideas embodied by Thoreau. The Lecture Series features talks, panel discussions or media presentations featuring individuals at the cutting edge of a renewed environmental and social justice movement.  Programs are all free and open to the public, unless specified.

2020-21 Recorded Virtual Events:

Earth Day Lecture with Dahr Jamail: CLICK HERE

Thoreau Q&A with Jeffrey S. Cramer: CLICK HERE

Jeffrey S. Cramer Solid Seasons reading: CLICK HERE

TEDxTheWaldenWoodsProject part 1 with Bill McKibben: CLICK HERE

TEDxTheWaldenWoodsProject part 2: view our selected presentations from Al Gore, HRH Prince William, Amanda Gorman, and more: CLICK HERE.

David Gessner Stewardship Lecture: CLICK HERE. 

Writing Toward Resilience Lyceum: CLICK HERE.

Nathaniel Popkin and Gail Straub: TO REACH THE SPRING: CLICK HERE. 

Thoreau and the Miracle of Poetry: CLICK HERE. 

Upcoming Stewardship Lectures

Earth Day with Ruth Mendelson: The Water Tree Way

Wednesday, April 22, 2020 - Thursday, April 22, 2021
7:00 pm - 8:15 pm
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Ruth M

Join us for a virtual event with Ruth Mendelson as she discusses her debut book The Water Tree Way.

About the book:

Jai (pronounced JAY) is more than a girl, she’s a phenomenon. Filled with spunk, stealth and blazing courage, she leaves all she has known to embark upon a journey. By daring to pluck a single mysterious Leaf from the revered Water Tree Grove, Jai begins to confront herself by pursuing what she knows nothing about. She is guided by exotic music and rhythms that mysteriously lace across the sky, but still makes dazzling blunders that endear her all the more to unlikely characters from both the natural and supernatural worlds. With hilarious wit and gentle wisdom, these characters befriend her, while teaching her about herself.

Through Jai’s high-spirited and big-hearted escapades, the book offers insights and solutions to many of the problems we currently face—from fear and loss to the tragic absurdity of war and revenge. A full-length children’s book intended for readers of all ages, the story exalts the triumph of the human spirit, as experienced by a girl who can be none other than her unabashed self.

About Ruth Mendelson:

Throughout her award-winning career, author/composer/producer Ruth Mendelson’s deepest commitment is to bring love, compassion and positive change to children of all ages via a wide range of creative projects and programs.

A New York Times Critics’ Pick and Emmy nominee, Ruth has been composing scores for film, HBO, National Geographic, Discovery Channel, Disney, Animal Planet, The Learning Channel, PBS, CBS, and NBC (among others), as well as creating innovative multi-media “surround-scapes” for over 20 years. She was the first woman in the history of Berklee College of Music (Boston, MA) to teach in the Film Scoring Department, where she designs and teaches master classes in documentary and dramatic scoring. An active studio musician, Ruth has been featured playing a number of instruments in a wide variety of genres with artists in LA, New York, Boston, Europe and India. She has performed at the United Nations, in Geneva, Switzerland, as bassist for the One Human Family Gospel Choir, and is currently collaborating with renowned primatologist Dr. Jane Goodall on a variety of youth empowerment and environmental projects. Ruth is founder and president of Eagle Vision Initiatives, a non-profit organization dedicated to serving society through communications and the arts.


 Join us Thursday, April 22, via zoom, 7:00-8:15pm EST.

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View videos of previous Stewardship Lectures:

Lincoln (MA) Public Television frequently records our in-person Stewardship Lectures and makes them available to the public. Please visit their site to see a selection of some of our past Lectures (select “Walden Woods” in the menu on the left side of the page). Refer to the top of this page for 2020 virtual recordings.