Image of light streaming through trees.
Morning light in Walden Woods © Scot Miller

Even if you never visit Walden Woods, you can sense the importance of protecting the place that inspired Henry David Thoreau’s philosophies and, because of his writing, led to the development of the American land ethic, the modern conservation movement, and our national parks system.

Conserving Walden Woods is a fundamental mission of The Walden Woods Project. We manage nearly 200 acres on 17 key sites within Walden Woods and work to ensure that this national treasure remains a model of preservation and conservation to inspire an international ethic of environmental stewardship for generations to come.

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Plant a tree grown from Walden Woods!

The Walden Woods Project is working with American Heritage Trees, a historic farm in Tennessee, to harvest Red Maple tree seeds in Walden Woods that are then sold as nursery stock. Check out the program, and order a tree today!