The Maine Woods

III.Pine Tree & Boar Mountain_[WWP]
Pine Tree & Boar Mountain (Photographer: Herbert Gleason, from The Writings of Henry David Thoreau, 1906)

Table of Contents

  • Title Page (PDF)
  • Introductory Note (PDF)
  • Ktaadn (PDF)
  • Chesuncook (PDF)
  • The Allegash and East Branch (PDF)
  • Appendix (PDF)
    • I. Trees
    • II. Flowers and Shrubs
    • III. List of Plants
    • IV. List of Birds
    • V. Quadrupeds
    • VI. Outfit for an Excursion
    • VII. A List of Indian Words
  • Index (PDF)

Related Texts

  • "Ktaadn, and the Maine Woods" from Sartain's Union Magazine: “The Wilds of the Penobscot" (July 1848: pp. 29-33); “Life in the Wilderness" (August 1848: pp. 73-79); “Boating in the Lakes" (September 1848: pp. 132-137); “The Ascent of Ktaadn" (October 1848: pp. 177-182); “The Return Journey" (November 1848: pp. 216-220)