Great Walden BioBlitz

On July 6, 2019, one-hundred taxonomic specialists joined over 150 members of the general public to celebrate Professor E.O. Wilson’s 90th birthday and the legacy of Henry David Thoreau in a one-day BioBlitz of Walden Woods.

Collectively, we reported 2,242 species over the 24 hours (plus a little). A number of state-listed rare species were found, along with some unexpected organisms new to the area. The 2019 Great Walden BioBlitz was the third decennial event, raising the total number of species observed in a 5-mile radius around Walden Pond to to over 3,690! 

Hard copies of a final report will be distributed to grantors and supporters of the event, as well as all of the participating taxonomic specialists. We have a pdf of the report and observed species tables available for download on this page.

The Great Walden BioBlitz project area is a 5-mile radius circle around Walden Pond