Friends of the Farm

The Walden Woods Project is excited to announce its new membership opportunity at The Walden Woods Project Farm! The Friends of the Farm directly support The Walden Woods Project Farm through an annual membership fee of $50. Members will enjoy the following special benefits:

  • A 10% discount on all inventory at The Walden Woods Project Farm’s seasonal farm stand;
  • A e-newsletter with information on sales and promotions;
  • Early access to information about The Walden Woods Project’s programs and events;
  • A private tour of The Farm with complimentary produce sample.

The Friends of the Farm will directly support The Walden Woods Project Farm. Your membership will assist in updating and fixing farm equipment, purchasing seeds, etc. Additionally, your membership will help us grow our service programs at The Farm.

Frequently Asked Questions:

I just signed up to be a Friend of the Farm, now what?

Shortly after you sign up to be a Friend of the Farm we will reach out to gather your address so that we can send you a membership card. Your membership card will be needed at the farm stand to obtain your 10% discount.

When can I use my discount?

You can use your 10% off discount whenever you shop at our seasonal farm stand on Route 2 eastbound in Concord, MA (exact address: 1047 Concord Turnpike). The farm stand is seasonal and in operation from July – October. The farm stand location and hours are posted on our website at

After the farm closes for the season, will I still get my e-newsletter?

Yes! We will continue to keep you up to date on news from The Walden Woods Project. Additionally, you will still receive early access to information regarding The Walden Woods Project programs and events.

If you have any questions about the Friends of the Farm, please reach out to Development and Communications Coordinator, Samantha Corron, at