Letter XXXI.

From: Love-Letters of Margaret Fuller, 1845-1846
Published: 1903 New York

Tuesday evening.


  I have just had with Mrs. Greeley a talk in full, which may, I hope, be of use, so that before you go, an interview will, indeed, leave things straight.

  I believe I ought to have been angry with you the other evening for asking whether I had ever told her what you had communicated to me in confidence. How could such a thought cross a mind like yours? The scene was so beautiful and I so moved I could not bear to be angry, but ought I not to have been so? Would not you have been so at such a doubt from me?

  To-day has been very lovely, fragrant and fresh after yesterday’s shower, a new era, too, of blossoms. But I was up at five o’clock to write for the paper, and have been in society ever since, up to this date, half-past nine. Yesterday it was just the same, so I have no thoughts to give you. I have not had time to let any grow. You too have been engaged in just such dissipation of thought and feeling. Ah! it is painful, when we might be so much to one another. I look to another meeting, to cherish life anew. To-morrow at furthest let it be!

  Now there is only one little week left. Yes! the memory of Sunday evening is sweet to me. If a flow of gentle love be natural, surely there was nature. But why do you say-you were less the genuine man? You must always instruct me very clearly. I am a dull scholar, though perhaps a good atmosphere.

  About the evening I feel simply:

“There is no silence—it is music ceased.”

  But all you said to me in the morning lies distinct in my mind. I understood that deeply–the history!

  My friend, take this note kindly, though it be not much. Find nothing to “jar” in it. There is nothing in my mind. I seek inspiration from your thoughts, life from your life. I seek repose upon your heart. One little week; it is long enough for a drama, but to the good children might it not be one hymn?

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