Letter VIII.

From: Love-Letters of Margaret Fuller, 1845-1846
Published: 1903 New York

Wednesday, 19th March.

  I dine to-day with Mrs. Child, house of Isaac Hopper, 20 Third Street. If you will come for me there at seven or half past seven, I will go with you. ‘Tis said, the third attempt never fails, but, if it should in this instance, we will not try again, but accept it as an omen, that we are not to see Zion together. For, though. I dine in town one other day this week, it is at a place where I cannot easily excuse myself for going away in the evening.

  I have no time, now, for more, except to express happiness in the aspirations of my friend. May Heaven cherish them! I cannot ask this for you in that ancient noble speech of the chosen people. Yet the Prayer, which he of Nazareth gave, is true for the heart of all Nations.

  “Lead me not into temptation and deliver me from evil.” The stars answer to that; while they reprove, they promise. Ask for me in the words of your own poet, his original words, which I cannot repeat: “keep back thy servant also from presumptuous sins.”

  If you receive this in time, let me know at Dr. Leger’s whether you will come this evening.

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