Letter XXIX.

From: Love-Letters of Margaret Fuller, 1845-1846
Published: 1903 New York

Friday evening.

  I have been quite unwell, so that I could not go to town to-day, but hope to to-morrow. Yesterday I wrote some lines but think they will not come with this, lest they be morbid or languid. It were best to write only when well to my friend who is well. Hoping news of you in the morning, no more to-night, for the mood is not brighter than the skies without. May yours be more so, and daylight be seen amid all your perplexities, is the last thought!

Saturday morning.

  I remain here a little while, twenty minutes perhaps, cannot you send a note to tell me, whether you still expect to go early in the week. I thought you would write to me this morning, you cannot be less able just now than I.

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