Letter L.

From: Love-Letters of Margaret Fuller, 1845-1846
Published: 1903 New York

New York, 14th July, 1846.


  I have been absent from town and unable to act upon your request of getting the papers to send by Messrs. Appleton to Mr. Delf and will 1st August take them myself and send them on arriving in Liverpool straight to Mr. Delf that he may send them to you. To-morrow morning is the last time I shall have before the steamer goes and I probably shall not be able to go to town and see about it, having imperative engagements. I have hardly a minute to write this line, which is of importance for you to receive.

  I have talked with Mr. Greeley about the narrative of your journey. He says you had best make it brief and vivid and look into the many books of travel in that region that have been published lately, so as to repeat no information; that, if you have it written out fairly and sent to him, he will do as well as he can in getting it published for you, but could not expect much pecuniary profit, as your name is not known as a writer.

  I suggested Noah’s Weekly Messenger, thinking the information would be of special interest to the Jews, but Mr. Greeley said, there would be no pay there.

  I think you may find Mr. Delf could get it published in London to better advantage as to money, than here, where the reward of the writer is so very little. But, if you prefer sending to America, I should think Mr. Greeley could and would do as well for you as almost anyone, only no doubt, if I were here, I might put more zeal into the affair than a mere business friend would. I am sorry on that account to be gone. Your old acquaintance, Mr. Miller, is in the employment of Wiley and Putnam; with his aid and that of Mr. Delf and Mr. Greeley you certainly have a very fair chance for one who is served by men alone.

  I am overwhelmed with things to be done in the last days. We go in the Cambria 1st August, and I to Boston for a few days previous, to bid farewell to my family and friends. After arriving in England we travel a while and shall not be in London till early in September. I shall there expect to hear from you in some shape. I shall notify Mr. Delf of my arrival.

  Mrs. Greeley I have seen only once since we left the Farm, as she is far in the country. She was much pleased with your letter and I was very glad.

15th, morning.

  Interrupted last night and only time to add a word. I was about to say that I was glad you wrote to Mrs. Greeley and repeated your invitation to Germany. She cannot accept it, being soon to become a mother, but, no doubt, it would please her that it should be given.

  Adieu, may happiness and good be with you. I hope to find a good letter if not yourself in London early in September.

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