Hebert W. Gleason Photographs (The Writings of Henry David Thoreau 1906)

On Herbert Wendell Gleason’s (1855-1937) photographs accompanying The Writings of Henry David Thoreau (Houghton Mifflin, 1906):

Mr. Gleason has made a careful study of all Thoreau’s writings, including the manuscript Journal, and has explored with equal thoroughness the woods and fields of Concord, visiting the localities mentioned in the Journal and getting photographs, not only of the places themselves, but also of many of the fleeting phenomena of the natural year in the very spots where Thoreau observed them. He has even succeeded in identifying a number of localities described and named by Thoreau which had previously been unknown to any person now living in Concord. he has also followed Thoreau in his wider wanderings, and his portfolio includes views of Cape Cod, the Maine woods, and the banks of the Merrimack River. It will be apparent that Mr. Gleason’s pictures are in the fullest sense illustrations of the text which they accompany. — Publisher’s Advertisement (The Writings of Henry David Thoreau)

Selected images from The Writings of Henry David Thoreau (1906)

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