From: Sonnets and Canzonets (1882)
Author: A. Bronson Alcott
Published: Roberts Brothers 1882 Boston


These quiet and green places, these mountains and valleys,
were created by Nature on purpose for loving hearts

Be it that my unseasonable song
Come out of time, that fault is in the time;
And I must not do Virtue so much wrong,
As love her aught the worse for others’ crime;
And yet I find some blessed spirits among
That cherish me, and like and grace my rhyme

LONG left unwounded by the grisly foe,
Who sometime pierces all with fatal shaft,
Still on my cheek fresh youth did lively glow,
And at his threatening arrow gaily laught;
Came then my friendly scholar, and we quaffed
From learning’s spring, its sparkling overflow;
All through the lingering evening’s charmed hours,
Delightful fellowship in thought was ours:
If I from Poesy could not all abstain,
He my poor verses oft did quite undress,
New wrapt in words my thought’s veiled nakedness,
Or kindly clipt my steed’s luxuriant mane:
‘Twas my delight his searching eye to meet,
In days of genial versing, memories sweet.
JANUARY 1, 1882. 

O Spring, thou youthful beauty of the year,
Mother of flowers, bringer of warbling quires,
Of all sweet new green things, and new desires


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