Sonnets and Canzonets (1882)

Sonnets and Canzonets (1882)
A. Bronson Alcott

“Love can sun the realms of light.”

To A. Bronson Alcott, A Letter by F.B. Sanborn
An Essay on the Sonnet

Sonnets of Illustration
I. Love in Spring
II. The Maiden in April
III. The Estrangement
IV. Love in Time
V. To those of Noble Heart
VI. The Ocean a Blessed God
VII. The Nightingale
VIII. The Fair Saint
IX. Love a Poor Palmer
X. Love Against Love
XI. Death
XII. Ah, Sweet Content!
XIII. The Poet’s Immortality

Part First

Domestic Sonnets and Canzonets

Part Second

Sonnets of Character
A Prophetic Ode