Seasons Quotations


Is not January the hardest month to get through? When you have weathered that you get into the gulf-stream of winter nearer the shores of Spring. — Journal, 2 February 1854—Journal, 2 February 1854
It is a regular spring rain, such as I remember walking in,—windy but warm.—Journal12 March 1859
It is chiefly the spring birds that I hear at this hour, and in each dawn the spring is thus revived.—Journal, 4 July 1852
It was summer, and now again it is winter. Nature loves this rhyme so well that she never tires of repeating it.—Journal, 7 December 1856
Live in each season as it passes—breathe the air, drink the drink, taste the fruit, & resign yourself to the influence of each.—Journal, 23 August 1853
Nature works by contraries. That which in summer was most fluid and unresting is now most solid and motionless.—Journal11 February 1859
No mortal is alert enough to be present at the first dawn of spring.—Journal, 17 March 1857
No one to my knowledge has observed the minute differences in the seasons.—Journal, 11 June 1851
Only the spring sun will soften the heart of this restless monster, when, commonly, it is too late.—Journal11 February 1859
Shall a man not have his spring as well as the plants?—Journal, June 1850
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