Seasons Quotations


How imperceptibly the first springing takes place!—Journal, 3 March 1859
How silent are the footsteps of Spring!—Journal, 30 March 1856
I am reminded of spring by the quality of the air . . . It is a natural resurrection, an experience of immortality.—Journal, 24 February 1852
If rivers come out of their icy prison thus bright and immortal, shall not I too resume my spring life with joy and hope?—Journal29 February 1852
If the race had never lived through a winter what would they think was coming?—Journal, 8 November 1850
In a pleasant spring morning all men's sins are forgiven.—Walden 
In summer it is the earth's liquid eye, a mirror in the breast of nature.—"A Winter Walk"
In the night the eyes are partly closed or retire into the head. Other senses take the lead. The walker is guided as well by the sense of smell. Every plant and field and forest emits its odor now, swamp-pink in the meadow and tansy in the road; and there is the peculiar dry scent of corn which has begun to show its tassels.—Cape Cod
Is not all the summer akin to a paradise?—Journal, 9 May 1852
Is not January alone pure winter? December belongs to the fall—is a wintery November—February to the spring—it is a snowy March.—Journal, 9 February 1854
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