2019 Great Walden BioBlitz



Come to Walden Woods and help us reach the milestone of documenting 2,000 species in one day!

The Walden Woods Project, Minute Man National Historical Park, the E.O. Wilson Biodiversity Foundation, and local naturalist Peter Alden hope you will join us in a monumental effort to document as many species of living organisms as possible within a five-mile radius of Walden Pond on July 6, 2019. We are celebrating Dr. E.O. Wilson’s 90th birthday and the 30th anniversary of BioBlitzes in Massachusetts with this special event.

Everyone is welcome at the Great Walden BioBlitz. For the general public, we will have guided walks in the morning at the Walden Woods Project in Lincoln, and guided walks at Minute Man NHP in the afternoon. Public participants will be encouraged to explore Walden Woods using the free iNaturalist phone app to help document species. Scientists and taxonomic experts will pursue their work individually or in small groups in coordination with event organizers.

Pre-registration for Scientists and morning guided walks is required (afternoon walks at Minute Man NHP do not require registration).

When registering for the Great Walden BioBlitz, you will need to self-select which button to click below. Organizers will review credentials of scientists and taxonomic experts, so please provide full answers in the registration form.


Support the Great Walden BioBlitz!

By making a generous sponsorship contribution to help cover the costs of The Great Walden BioBlitz, you will be offered a number of special opportunities. Donor categories are named for some of Dr. Wilson’s best-selling books!

For details on previous BioBlitzes in Walden Woods, in 1998, 2009, and at the Minute Man National Historical Park in September of 2018, see our Walden Biodiversity page here.

The iNaturalist app will be used by scientists and the general public throughout the Great Walden BioBlitz. It’s an exciting way to observe and record nature, where species identification is suggested based on an uploaded photo and identifications are confirmed by crowd-sourced experts on the iNaturalist platform. Learn about the app, download it, create an account and start recording observations!

This project is funded in part by a grant from the Freedom’s Way National Heritage Area.
Date(s) - Saturday, July 6, 2019
8:00 am - 4:00 pm