Kristina Joyce Papers — 1993-1998



A Kristina Joyce Biographical Note

Kristina Joyce was born in Carthage, Missouri on May 28, 1945.  Her father, Robert Monroe Campbell (originally from Neosho, Missouri), was serving in WWII as a surgeon in the navy, and her mother, Harriet Annabel McBride (originally from Flagler, Colorado) was a registered nurse.  Harriet was a direct descendant of Mary Norris Allerton who came over on the Mayflower; Robert, on his mother’s side, was a descendant of Asa Graves from Sunderland, Mass., who served under George Washington in the American Revolution. Harriet passed away on February 8, 2014; Robert passed away on December 25, 2005.  Joyce’s sister, Cynthia Bess Campbell Easterling, works in continuing medical education in Durham, North Carolina. Joyce has two children: Keir Robert Joyce (born July 22, 1972) and Tara Kirstin Joyce (born March 16, 1977).  Keir and his wife Joy Napier live in Baltimore and have two children: Emma Marie Joyce (born March 11, 2001) and Ryan Beckett Joyce (born March 16, 2003). Tara lives in Boston.

Joyce holds a bachelor’s degree in art from Hood College, and a master’s degree in art education from Massachusetts College of Art.  She has taken courses in ceramics and watercolors at the DeCordova Museum School, and courses in graphic and interior design at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts School.  Joyce’s art focuses on drawing and painting from seashells, and her current work is exhibited in Concord, Mass.  Joyce is a member of both the Boston Malacological Club and the Boston Mineral Club.  Besides creating her own art exhibits, Joyce also hosts drawing classes at her studio for young students; each spring, their art is exhibited in the Children’s Room of the Concord Free Public Library.  Joyce’s artwork has also been featured on the covers of Bob Lawson’s album “The Kids Collection of Greatest Classics” music arranged by Concord’s, and her illustrated articles are featured in The Concord Web Magazine and The Concord Journal.

Her first exhibit, Calligraphy and art on the shells of Concord, was in 1983 at the Thoreau Lyceum Exhibit for Thoreau Society, which is also the year that she met Mary P. Sherwood and began a professional working relationship with Walden Forever Wild (WFW) that lasted the next ten years.  Joyce designed a logo, as well as booklet covers, for the organization.  She also scripted fliers, petitions, cards, and announcements, and oversaw the editing and printing of the organization’s publications.  In 1993, when Sherwood resigned from WFW, the organization was restructured, and Joyce decided to end her relationship with WFW.


Scope and Content

This collection includes materials relating to Joyce’s time working with Walden Forever Wild (WFW), the organization that Mary Sherwood founded in 1980.  Formats include correspondence (the majority of which is from Sherwood), newspaper clippings, journals from other related organizations, Joyce’s original artwork and calligraphy for various professional WFW projects, videotaped interviews, and other textual materials.  Also included in this collection are Joyce’s copies of Sherwood’s three unpublished manuscripts: Wild Goose her autobiography, God’s Drop, written about Walden, and Wild Petals, written about her love of flowers.

Original order of materials has been maintained.  Oversized folders are marked with an asterisk (*); these folders have been housed separately from the rest of the collection.

Box 1

  • Correspondence (October 1983-November 1984)
  • Correspondence (January 1985-March 1985)
  • Correspondence (April 1985-July 1985)
  • Correspondence (August 1985-October 1985)
  • Correspondence (November 1985-May 1986)
  • Correspondence (June 1986-August 1986)
  • Correspondence (September 1986-December 1986)
  • Correspondence (January 1987-February 1987)
  • Correspondence (March 1987-May 1987)
  • Correspondence (June 1987-September 1987)
  • Correspondence (October 1987-November 1987)
  • Correspondence (December 1987-February 1988)
  • Correspondence (March 1988-July 1988)
  • Correspondence (August 1988-November 1988)
  • Correspondence (December 1988-March 1989)
  • Correspondence (April 1989-December 1989)
  • Correspondence (January 1990-March 1990)
  • Correspondence (April 1990-June 1990)
  • Correspondence (July 1990-August 1990)
  • Correspondence (September 1990-December 1990)
  • Correspondence (January 1991-December 1991)
  • Correspondence (January 1992-February 1992)
  • Correspondence (March 1992-May 1992)
  • Correspondence (June 1992-August 1992)
  • Correspondence (September 1992-November 1992)
  • Correspondence (December 1992-January 1993)
  • Correspondence (February 1993-March 1993)
  • Correspondence (April 1993)
  • Correspondence, Mary’s Initial Resignation (May 1993)
  • Correspondence (June 1993)
  • Correspondence (July 1993-December 1993)
  • Correspondence (July 1994-March 1998)
  • Miscellaneous Correspondence (undated)
  • Voice of Walden newsletter (April 1982-September 1995)
  • Constitutions and Amendments (July 1983-1991)
  • Walden Forever Wild meeting agendas (October 1983-March 1993)
  • Walden Pond Day (April 1983-May 1994)
  • Walden Forever Wild pamphlets (undated)
  • Governor Dukakis documents (July 1987-January 1988)
  • Walden Protection Act (November 1991)
  • Ban on swimming proposal (March 1985-November 1987)
  • Walden Guardians (January 1988-February 1991)
  • The Concord landfill (September 1992)
  • Construction on Walden Pond and the Fairhaven Conservation Alliance (August 1987-May 1990)
  • How Great a Son of Concord, drafts (undated)
  • How Great a Son of Concord, finished (undated)
  • Wild food and Poisonous Plants, Ch. XIII [chapter from Wild Petals] (undated)
  • Walden Water, Fish, Scuba by Mary P. Sherwood [Walden Pond: Its Water, Fish, and Fishing / Its Scuba Views Mary Sherwood/Kristina Joyce] (31 March 1993, undated)
  • Manuscript, 1987 (17 March 1987, undated)
  • Miscellaneous Writings b y Mary P. Sherwood (Fall 1978-29 September 1994, undated)
  • Nickols Et Al V. Environmental Management Et Al (undated, circa 1993)
  • Nickols Et Al V. Commissioners (undated)
  • Walden Guardians Artwork (undated)
  • Walden Forever Wild Stationary (undated)
  • Artwork for Thoreau Cover Brochure; How Great a Son artwork (undated)
  • Walden Facts Artwork (16 June 1986-12 October 1992, undated)
  • “The Ponds” artwork (undated)
  • The Walden Court Suit artwork (undated)
  • Miscellaneous artwork (28 April 1986, undated)
  • The Abuse of a Public Trust: A Case History…by David W. Rabinowitz [copy] (undated)
  • The Walden Ecosystem (Working Draft) by Edmund A. Schofield [copy] (undated)
  • The Concord Saunterer Pub. by The Thoreau Society, Inc. [Vol. 17, no. 1; Vol. 20, nos. 1 & 2; “New Series” Vol. 1, no. 1] (March 1984-Fall 1993)
  • Sanctuary: the Journal of the Mass. Audubon Society [2 copies] (November 1987)
  • Pre-WFW Documents (12 July 1967, undated)
  • Articles about Walden 1987-199? (28 January 1987-17 May 1990, undated)
  • Thoreau Country Conservation Alliance (TCCA) (27 May 1988-summer 1993, undated)
  • Related Associations (September 1991, undated)
  • Remembering Mary P. Sherwood (2 August 2001, undated)
  • Walden Forever Wild Miscellaneous (9 October 1983-21 January 1993, undated)

Box 2

  • Henry David Thoreau poster (undated)*
  • Henry David Thoreau poster “On Individuality” (undated)*
  • Framed print of Henry David Thoreau (undated)*
  • Manuscript: Wild Goose by Mary P. Sherwood (undated)
  • Manuscript: God’s Drop by Mary P. Sherwood (undated)
  • Manuscript: Wild Petals by Mary P. Sherwood (undated)
  • “Great Blue Lobelia, Fall ‘83” [film canister filled with crushed great blue lobelia and a torn index card on which is written the aforementioned notation] (Fall 1983)
  • Interview for Chronicle with Mary P. Sherwood and Kristina Joyce [2 copies of interview on separate videotapes: one edited, the other is the full program] (undated)
  • Unmarked blue cassette tape (undated)
  • Cassette tape– Side 1: “Dr. Phil & Pat Goscienski, Wednesday AM  December 31, 1980, Jan ‘81 Janz Reunion, San Diego” [Walden is handwritten on the label]; Side 2: “Ron & Gladys Pearson Wednesday AM  December 31, 1980 Jan ‘81 Janz Reunion, San Diego (31 December 1980)
  • Eating Wild: A collection of recipes prepared, tasted, and enjoyed by the Edible Wild Foods Committee of the Ipswich River Wildlife Sanctuary [includes 3 newspaper clippings related to organic/natural food from 1991 and 1994] (published 1974 by Massachusetts Audubon Society)
  • “The Shell Desk Diary for 1993” [blank]
  • Women and Wilderness by Anne LaBastille [includes magazine essay “Eight Women in the Wild” by Anne LaBastille, undated] (published 1980 by Sierra Club Books)