Thoreau Bicentennial Statewide Read Toolkit

About the Toolkit:

This toolkit is provided to public libraries, schools and other organizations throughout Massachusetts to aid in their planning of Read events as part of the Thoreau Bicentennial Statewide Read. In this toolkit, you will find helpful hints for how to publicize your Read event, including a sample news release and Facebook and Twitter posts that can be customized for your own city or town. Also included are ideas that use Thoreau’s works and ideas as inspiration for a variety of reading activities that could take place in your community.  Additionally, you will find information about grants for which you could apply to support your Read, suggested versions of and sources for Thoreau’s works, and short discussion guides for five of Thoreau’s works.

The toolkit will continue to be enhanced as we approach 2017, so please check back occasionally to see what has been added!

Versions of the Toolkit (click on thumbnail to access PDF of the Toolkit):  











Additional Read Resources:


Have questions about the Toolkit or the Statewide Read?  Try our Frequently Asked Questions.  If you don’t find the answers you’re looking for, please contact us!