WWP Embarks on Renewable Energy Conservation

The Walden Woods Project has begun its conversion to renewable energy as a power source for its headquarters in Lincoln, MA.

We are purchasing approximately 32,000 kWh that is generated by solar systems on the roofs of moderate and low income residences located in Dedham, Waltham, and Boston, MA. The homeowners are paid a portion of the electricity generated by the project for hosting the solar systems, which covers about 25% to 50% of their electricity bills.

In addition, The Walden Woods Project saves about $750/year on its electricity bill and the 32,000 kWh of solar is the equivalent of offsetting about 25 metric tons/ year of carbon or the carbon sequestered by 23 acres of U.S. Forest: https://www.epa.gov/energy/greenhouse-gas-equivalencies-calculator.

The solar systems were installed by local firms, funded by Sunwealth’s community of investors, and are managed by Sunwealth (www.sunwealth.com)

The Walden Woods Project is pursuing options to secure additional renewable energy sources for its headquarters in Walden Woods.