Thoreau: His Life and Aims. A Study. (1877)

Thoreau: His Life and Aims. A Study.
H.A. Page
Author’s Edition: From Advance Proof Sheets
Boston: James R. Osgood & Company (1877)

Table of Contents

A piteous lot it were to flee from man,
And not rejoice in nature. . . . .
                     For the man,
Who in this spirit, communes with the forms
Of Nature, who, with understanding heart,
Doth know and love such objects as excite
No morbid passions, no disquietude,
No vengeance, and no hatred, needs must feel
The joy of that pure principle of love
So deeply that, unsatisfied with aught
Less pure and exquisite, he cannot choose
But seek for objects of a kindred love
In fellow-natures and a kindred joy.”
                   WORDSWORTH’S Excursion.

  ”I, on my side, require of every writer, first or last, a simple and sincere account of his own life, and not merely what he has heard of other men’s lives; some such account as he would send to his kindred from a distant land; for if he has lived sincerely, it must have been in a distant land to me.”