To Contributors

By Margaret Fuller

  WE trust that our unknown friends are not greatly disappointed that so many of their requests are neglected, and their gifts apparently unheeded. Our space is limited, and much that is not without merit must lie unpublished. As we observe that those who find themselves unanswered do not honor us again, we would urge them not to be deterred by the omission of their articles. It was our hope that the perfect freedom guaranteed for the Dial would make it the means of developing young talent. We should like to hear from our friends again and again, and be the means of their serving an apprenticeship to the pen. Whenever any contribution combines, in our view, individuality of character with vigor and accuracy of style, it will be inserted. Those which do not satisfy us can be returned, if such be the writer’s desire, provided the address is given us. Several persons have requested to be answered through the post-office on points which interest them. They will find in the Dial expressions of sentiment and opinion on those points probably more satisfactory than any which could be rendered in a private correspondence, to which there are many objections. Communications are to be addressed, For the Dial, 141, Washington Street.

Source: The Dial (July 1841) pp. 136