Cheap Living in Italy

CHEAP LIVING IN ITALY.—Margaret Fuller, of the Tribune, writes from Rome, that “one who keeps still in Italy, and lives as the people do, may really have much simple luxury for very little money. Last year I had not leisure for this quiet acquaintance.—Now I saw the fields first dressed in their carpets of grain, enameled richly with the red poppy and blue corn flower—in that sunshine how resplendent! Then swelled the fig, the grape, the olive, the almond; and my food was of these products of this rich clime. For near three months I had grapes every day; the last four weeks enough daily for two persons for a cent. Exquisite salad for two persons, dinner and supper, a cent. All other products of the region in the same proportion.”

“Cheap Living in Italy.” Cambridge Chronicle, 8 February 1849, pp. 4.