Wonders Have Not Ceased in our Times.

Wonders have not Ceased in our Times.

  A new gush of lava is seen from Vesuvius; that is a brilliant show, but no wonder, because seen so often that it ceases to move the gazer with a sense of mystery. But manna is now falling once more from Heaven, and we have only to regret that it is not to further the great designs of a Moses.

Translated from the Schnellpost.

  “A remarkable phenomenon is announced by the gazettes of Constantinople, which all agree in the report—i.e.—that in Asia Minor, in the District of Jenischehir and those of Siwihissar, Eski Schehir and Seicili Gazi, manna has fallen from Heaven. The Courier of Constantinople contains this notice:—‘Letters from Jenischewir inform us that, for some time back, manna has been falling from Heaven, and has supplied the inhabitants with nourishment. They grind it to flour and bake it in the same way as bread, nor is it inferior to what we usually eat.’

  “The Journal de Constantinople says:—‘The same phenomenon which was observed at Ban in 1841 is now repeated in the District of Jenischehir, with similar and no less extraordinary circumstances. It appears, from the testimony of persons of all modes of religious faith, that after a season of partial famine the same marvel that happened in behalf of the people of Israel has occurred again. A shower has fallen from Heaven of substances about the size of hail-stones, not unlike the tear-form manna, and pleasant to the taste. It fell in such quantity as to lie three or four inches thick on the ground, and served the people as food for many days.’” *

“Wonders have not Ceased in our Times,” New-York Daily Tribune, 24 April 1846, p. 1.