The Grand Concert.

The Grand Concert.

  The Grand Concert is announced at Castle Garden for to-morrow evening, provided the weather be fair, otherwise it is to be postponed till the next fine evening, a very desirable proviso the freaks of the clouds in these last days. The selection of music is very good, and the voice of Pico and one of Mr. Timm’s delightful performances, if there was nothing else, would be well worth the time and money. But we hope there will be a warm interest in the object of the Concert, sufficient to ensure a full attendance at any rate. A suitable building is all that is wanted to give New-York the benefit of all the best works of the leading Art of our time. We are to have Schiller’s “Ode to Joy,” his sublime address “Be embraced, Millions.”

  This kiss to the whole world is the true motto for a Temple to Music. The “heavenly maid” is no longer “young,” but in the full glow of matron beauty calls all her children to rejoice in her presence. The man of genius will be unwearied of sitting at her feet and catching the inspiration of her accents, as Hesiod is represented at the feet of the Muse in Flaxman’s divine work.*

“The Grand Concert,” New-York Daily Tribune, 20 May 1846, p. 2.