Signor de Noronha’s Concert.

Signor de Noronha’s Concert.

  Signor de Noronha’s concert takes place this evening, and all who propose to attend will be glad previously to read the interesting biographical notice of him, translated for The Tribune.

  A charming little passage is that which describes the reception of the boy at Madeira. It would make a fine picture. Noronha’s remarkable beauty must have been no less conspicuous at that age than now, and it was very natural that the young people of Madeira should greet such a spring-time of promise with flowers.

  We have not yet heard his violin, but by the strong feelings, either of attraction or repulsion, evinced by all who have heard it, we perceive the decisive character of his talent. That talent has been formed, afar from the great influences of Europe, and, for good or for ill, must give us the native language of one mind. We look forward to some sentences of this new dialect with strong interest: “The Dream” and another “Dolores” we especially desire to become acquainted with.*

“Signor de Noronha’s Concert,” New-York Daily Tribune, 29 April 1846, p. 2.