The Wigwam and The Cabin.

THE WIGWAM AND THE CABIN; By W. GILMORE SIMMS. (Wiley & Putnam’s Library of American Books, No. IV.)

  These tales are told in a vigorous, graceful manner, and evince manly feelings with a happy eye for nature. The thoughts grow out of the subject in agreeable proportion; the narrator is no lecturer but our intelligent companion by the way. This volume is a desirable addition to the library of entertaining books, and gives us a lively acquaintance with those parts of the country in which its subjects are located.

  “BIG ABEL AND THE LITTLE MANHATTAN,” which forms the fifth number of the same series, presents, in a pleasant way, a magic lantern view of New-York, and will by its substance and manner attract many readers.*

“The Wigwam and The Cabin.” New-York Daily Tribune, 11 October 1845, p. 1.