The Green Mountain Spring . . .

THE GREEN MOUNTAIN SPRING—Devoted to Discussion and Information Concerning the Popular and Medical Uses of Water; to a Report of Cases of Water-Cure Treatment; to the Nurture and Education of Children; to Diet and Health. Medical and Philosophical Communications by ROBERT WESSELHOEFT, M.D. Edited and published monthly at Brattleboro, Vt. By D. Mack.

  The first number of this journal gives reason to hope for much profit and satisfaction from its pages. Its editor is a man of uncommon liberality and intelligence. Our opinion of the extensive knowledge and practical sagacity of Dr. Robert Wesselhoeft has been fully expressed on a former occasion.

  “Confession of a Water Doctor” is a very interesting article and should be read with conscientious ears by all patients, that they may see in how many ways they are liable to torment and do injustice to the Physician. Might it not be well if they were on their side to be encouraged to similar communications which might afford him light as to their individual wants and difficulties, and assist him in his duties toward them by teaching how to ensure their sympathy!

  There is a very interesting case described in this number, and we hope for many similar means of study from the journal.*

“The Green Mountain Spring . . . ,” New-York Daily Tribune, 17 January 1846, p. 1.