New Publications.

New Publications.

ZSCHOKKE’S TALES. Edited by Parke Godwin, (No. XV. of Wiley & Putnam’s Library of Choice Reading.

  Here are several of Zschokke’s most pleasing tales: ‘Floretta’ has long been known to the reader, ‘Harmonias’ is one of the most charming productions of this writer. His chief merits are a skillful conduct of the story, justness and moderation in his views, nobleness and tenderness in his sentiments. He is an agreeable writer, and will be a profitable companion to the young. We are very glad to see these good translations, having grieved at the abominable ones that are now made from many authors for American readers, among which, one we have seen from him is the very worst. It is a shame and a treason against honor for publishers to employ these incompetent translators, we suppose because they are the cheapest, and present to a large new public the work of an author so disfigured that he would not know it. It is one of the worst violations of truth and honesty. Men commissioned by Heaven to instruct and delight their kind ought not to have this last worst injury added to all the rest they usually have to suffer. It would be difficult for any one with a decent acquaintance with German, to miss translating Zschokke correctly, his style is so very simple, and his thoughts have no mysterious depths eluding undisciplined eyes, therefore whoever injures him most does it from great ignorance or negligence.*

“New Publications.” New-York Daily Tribune, 22 July 1845, p. 1.