Leopold de Meyer.

Leopold de Meyer.

  De Meyer’s Concert on Thursday evening brought the same pleasure as heretofore. A celebrated observer says that the mind is so stretched by having a high mountain put into it, that new mountains can never again seem so high; we expect them. But we did not find this the case with De Meyer. Still his achievements tower above our expectations.

  It is unnecessary to analyze his playing which, in its way, seems perfect. Of course he is most satisfactory in passages that require richness, fullness, and overpowering energy, but the delicate parts are given with the utmost precision and tact. The piano is a living thing beneath his sway; it is a great dromedary which carries him like the wind across the Desert. It is appropriate to write bombast about De Meyer, for his success is the top bubble on the champagne, and stimulates the hearer like that sparkling draught.*

“Leopold de Meyer,” New-York Daily Tribune, 7 February 1846, p. 2.