History of Women; by L.M. Child . . .

HISTORY OF WOMEN; By L.M. CHILD; No. 1 Fran[illegible]ls & Co[illegible]s Cabinet Library of Choice Prose and Poetry, 1845. 232 Broadway.

  The words Fifth Edition on the title-page would seem to make many words of comment unnecessary. As long as there are copies of this popular book to be procured in so neat a form readers will hasten to seek for it. Here will be found a great deal of information as to the past and present condition of one half the human race put together in that lively and attractive form which is sure to grow up beneath the hand of Mrs. Child. As to its relation to the much vexed subjects of the present day, we cannot better point out the niche her book is intended to fill, than by quoting her own preface.

  “This volume is not an essay upon woman’s rights, or a philosophical investigation of what is or ought to be the relation of the sexes. If any theories on this subject are contained in it, they are merely incidentally implied by the manner of stating historical facts. I have simply endeavored to give an accurate history of the condition of women, in language sufficiently concise for popular use. Those who reflect on this highly interesting and important subject will find in the facts thus patiently collected much that will excite thought, and many materials for argument.”*

“History of Women; by L.M. Child . . .” New-York Daily Tribune, 20 November 1845, p. 1.