Colonel McKenney’s New Book upon the Indians.

Colonel McKenney’s New Book upon the Indians.

  The following letter relates to the forthcoming work of Col. McKenney, and refers to the last division of this work, headed


  The letter is from a distinguished literary gentleman, and a man himself well qualified to judge of such matters.

  “I have seen nothing relative to that great National difficulty in which the United States have become involed, in their Indian relations, to compare in point of wisdom, benevolence and efficiency, with the ‘Plan’ proposed by Col. McKenney, in his forthcoming work. Having been favored with the perusal of the proof sheets, I have the greatest pleasure in anticipating its publication with the assurance to the public, that it is a plan deserving of the highest consideration. For its intrinsic justice, for its far-reaching sagacity, for its many humane and encouraging aspects, and for its pacific tendencies, it should command that the immediate and universal favor of all the people of these United States. I hope and trust it will be made at once a leading feature in the policy not of this Administration, or of a party only, but of the country; a measure in which all the parties shall unite and harmonize and draw together, with that oneness of feeling and impulse which has ever characterized the Nation, when any truly great National object was presented to its view.

  “I say nothing of the manner in which Col. McKenney has presented his subject. That will speak for itself. But I will say that, if any one can read the story of McDonald and not feel deeply for the wrongs of that injured race, I should respect as little the correctness of his perceptions, as the sensibility of his heart.”

  We have read some portion of this work in the proof sheets, and claim the attention of the public to the appeal it makes and the scheme it proposes in behalf of benevolence and justice. It will appear early next week, when we shall write of its contents in full.*

“Colonel McKenney’s New Book upon the Indians,” New-York Daily Tribune, 4 July 1846, p. 2.