To My Friends

From: Poems (1844)
Author: Christopher Pearse Cranch
Published: Carey and Hart 1844 Philadelphia




I’VE wandered in the world; I’ve left tried friends
With tearful eyes and swelling heart, behind;
I’ve linked my soul to others; Heaven sends
This power in infinite kindness, thus to bind
Anew the cord that has been once untwined:
Thus are we made for love and sympathy.
I’ve seen the Past grow faint and dusk, and pined
For days that nevermore shall come to me.
Yet have I never loved those friends the less
Whom I have gathered in my later days;
For in my hours of gloom and loneliness,
All shine like clustering stars, with purest rays,
Though some whom I have followed up the skies,
May dearer be than those bright ones I saw not rise.


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