Each summer sound 
Is a summer round.—"Natural History of Massachusetts"
Even as the birds sing tumultuously and glance by with fresh and brilliant plumage, so now is Nature's grandest voice heard, and her sharpest flashes seen.—Journal, 19 May 1856
Even music is wont to be intoxicating.—Journal, 19 September 1850
God's voice is but a clear bell sound.—Journal, 3 March 1841
He will take a false step never, even in the most arduous times, for then the music will not fail to swell into greater sweetness and volume, and itself rule the movement it inspired.—Journal, 30 June 1840
Here and there a pilot-boat was towing its little boat astern toward some distant foreigner who had just fired a gun, the echo of which along the shore sounded like the caving of the bank.—Cape Cod
How silent are the footsteps of Spring!—Journal, 30 March 1856
I am soothed by the rain-drops on the door-sill; every globule that pitches thus confidently from the eaves to the ground is my life insurance.—Journal, 14 November 1839
I awoke into a music which no one about me heard. Whom shall I thank for it?—Journal, 22 June 1851
I cannot see the bottom of the sky, because I cannot see to the bottom of myself. It is the symbol of my own infinity.—Journal, 23 June 1840
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