If rivers come out of their icy prison thus bright and immortal, shall not I too resume my spring life with joy and hope?—Journal29 February 1852
In a pleasant spring morning all men's sins are forgiven.—Walden 
Is not January alone pure winter? December belongs to the fall—is a wintery November—February to the spring—it is a snowy March.—Journal, 9 February 1854
Is not January the hardest month to get through? When you have weathered that you get into the gulf-stream of winter nearer the shores of Spring.—Journal, 2 February 1854
It is a regular spring rain, such as I remember walking in,—windy but warm.—Journal12 March 1859
It is chiefly the spring birds that I hear at this hour, and in each dawn the spring is thus revived.—Journal, 4 July 1852
No mortal is alert enough to be present at the first dawn of spring.—Journal, 17 March 1857
Shall a man not have his spring as well as the plants?—Journal, June 1850
The day is an epitome of the year. The night is the winter, the morning and evening are the spring and fall, and the noon is the summer.—Walden
The first pleasant days of spring come out like a squirrel and go in again.—Journal, 7 March 1855
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