Music Quotations


Was also attracted by the music of his saw. He was sawing a white oak log; was about to saw a very ugly and knotty white oak log into drag plank, making an angle.—Journal, 19 May 1856
But such only as spring heavenward, and I may catch from steeples and hilltops in their upward course, which are the more refined parts of the former, are the true sphere music,—pure, unmixed music,—in which no wail mingles.—Journal, 8 July 1838
The occupied ear thinks that beyond the cricket no sound can be heard, but there is an immortal melody that may be heard morning, noon, and night, by ears that can attend, and from time to time this man or that hears it, having ears that were made for music.—Journal, 21 July 1851
Music is either a sedative or a tonic to the soul.—Journal, December 1839
Music is the sound of circulation in nature's veins. It is the flux which melts nature.—Journal, 24 April 1841
When I hear music, I flutter , and am the scene of life, as a fleet of merchantmen when the wind rises.—Journal, 24 April 1841
All music is only a sweet striving to express character.—Journal, 12 December 1841
One music seems to differ from another chiefly in its more perfect time, to use this word in a true sense. In the steadiness and equanimity of music lies its divinity.—Journal, 8 January 1842
He will take a false step never, even in the most arduous times, for then the music will not fail to swell into greater sweetness and volume, and itself rule the movement it inspired.—Journal, 30 June 1840
As Anacreon says "the works of men shine," so the sounds of men and birds are musical.—Journal, 8 March 1853
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