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Which would have advanced the most at the end of a month,—the boy who had made his own jackknife from the ore which he had dug and smelted, reading as much as would be necessary for this,—or the boy who had attended the lectures on metallurgy at the Institute in the mean while, and had received a Rodgers’ penknife from his father?—Walden
Why is it that in the lives of men we hear more of the dark wood than the sunny pastures? — Journal, 29 October 1857—Journal, 29 October 1857
You cannot rob a man of anything which he will miss. — Journal,  5 July 1840—Journal,  5 July 1840
You may find a cape which runs six miles into the sea that has not a man of moral courage upon it.—Journal, 16 November 1858
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