Sandy Pond


Sandy Pond, also known as Flint’s Pond, is the primary water supply for the Town of Lincoln. This was the site of Thoreau’s first sojourn to the woods around 1837 where Thoreau lived in a cabin with his Harvard classmate Charles Stearns Wheeler. After Thoreau’s short stay at Sandy Pond, he frequently came back to fish. Sandy Pond is significantly larger than nearby Walden Pond. The name Flint’s Pond comes from the Flint family in Lincoln which is one of the first families to farm in Lincoln.


Today, Sandy Pond is held by the Town of Lincoln as a water supply.


Trails surround Sandy Pond and are accessible to the public. Sandy Pond itself cannot be accessed as it is a water supply for the Town of Lincoln. Accessing the shoreline is also prohibited.


Trails at Sandy Pond can be most easily accessed from Sandy Pond Road in Lincoln.

Seasonal information

The trails at Sandy Pond  may be impassible in the winter due to ice and snow. During spring, summer, and fall, poison ivy may be present on or near the trails. Check for ticks year round with extra consideration in the spring and fall when ticks are most prevalent.

Nearby sites

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There are no fees associated with visiting the trails surrounding Sandy Pond.