Mount Misery


At the south-westernmost point of Walden Woods exists Mount Misery. This was a place Thoreau visited occasionally, where he paid much attention to the regeneration of forest trees. To the west of Mount Misery is the Sudbury River while Beaver Dam Brook runs through the conservation land. Mount Misery is also home to features such as a vernal pool and eskers. It is now protected by the Town of Lincoln.


Mount Misery, a 227 acre parcel, is owned by the Town of Lincoln. This property includes an Oak-Hemlock-White Pine forest which is home to many kinds of wildlife.


There is a number of hiking trails at Mount Misery and a beautiful vista at the summit. Access to the Sudbury River for boating and fishing is also available through Mount Misery.

Entrances/Parking Information

Access to Mount Misery is easiest at the main parking lot on the north side of Route 117. Here you will find trailheads for the Mount Misery trails.

Seasonal information

The trails on the property may be impassible in the winter due to ice and snow. During spring, summer, and fall, poison ivy may be present on or near the trails. Check for ticks year round with extra consideration in the spring and fall when ticks are most prevalent.

Nearby sites

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There are no fees associated with accessing Mount Misery.