Fairyland Pond


A beautiful, impounded pond, today it is a favorite destination for local school groups on biology and history expeditions, as it was for many of Thoreau’s own outings with school children. Fairyland Pond is located on Concord Town Forest land. Fairyland Pond is awash with wildlife and is of paramount importance in maintaining the biodiversity of the area.


Fairyland Pond is preserved by the Town of Concord as conservation land in the Hapgood-Wright Town Forest. Before being acquired by the Town of Concord, the land was conserved by the Emerson family.


Trails surrounding and near Fairyland Pond present an excellent opportunity for hiking and viewing the pond. The Emerson-Thoreau Amble connects to Fairyland Pond as well.

Entrance/Parking information

Parking and access is through the Hapgood-Wright Town Forest.

Seasonal information

The trails surrounding Fairyland Pond may be impassible in the winter due to ice and snow. During spring, summer, and fall, poison ivy may be present on or near the trails. Check for ticks year round with extra consideration in the spring and fall when ticks are most prevalent.

Nearby sites

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There are no fees associated with accessing Fairyland Pond.