Fairhaven Bay CR


Across the Sudbury River from Fairhaven Hill is a large track of land preserved along the edges of Fairhaven Bay. Since 2001, The Walden Woods Project has held a conservation restriction on this parcel.


When the conservation restriction was placed, it was specified that a bulk portion of the land should be kept in a “forever wild” state in order to preserve the condition of the woods. It is imperative that this site is preserved to maintain biodiversity on the parcel and in surrounding conservation lands.

Flora and Fauna

Myriad species have been spotted at the Fairhaven Bay Conservation Restriction.

Flora: red oak, white oak, ash, red maple, pignut hickory, black cherry, black birch, American chestnut, hornbeam, white pine, and  hemlock.

Fauna: fisher, river otter, mink, beaver, muskrat, pied-billed grebe, hooded merganser, osprey, belted kingfisher, great crested flycatcher, brown creeper, indigo bunting, brown thrasher, towhee, scarlet tananger, hermit thrush, wood thrush, pileated woodpecker, american bittern, cooper’s hawk, northern black racer, and wood frog.


The Fairhaven Bay Conservation Restriction has been preserved by The Walden Woods Project in a “forever wild” state and consequently is not accessible to the public.

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