Andromeda Ponds


The Andromeda Ponds are a beautiful string of three glacial kettle ponds fed by groundwater originating in Walden Pond. These ponds afford rich wildlife habitat surrounded by Adams Woods, conservation land in Concord, MA. The Andromeda Ponds were the subject of some of Thoreau’s journal entries.

Andromeda Phenomenon:

On some sunny days, the Andromeda Ponds produce a visual effect known as the “Andromeda Phenomenon”. This visual effect can be best characterized as a glow from the water. Thoreau suggested that the glow from the Andromeda Ponds may be a unique phenomenon.

I derive more of my subsistence from the swamps which surround my native town than from the cultivated gardens in the village.  There are no richer parterres to my eyes than the dense beds of dwarf andromeda…which cover these tender places on the earth’s surface. (Thoreau, Walking)


The Concord Land Conservation Trust owns Adams Woods which contains the Andromeda Ponds. This land is permanently protected with a conservation restriction.


The Andromeda Ponds are available for viewing and the surrounding Adams Woods contains hiking trails which can be used for passive recreation.


The Andromeda Ponds can most quickly be accessed from the Adams Woods trailhead on Fairhaven Road in Concord. The Andromeda Ponds can also be accessed from the Adams Woods trailhead on Concord Road in Lincoln. Alternatively, the Ponds can be accessed from Walden Pond State Reservation.

Parking Information:

Limited parking may be found on Fairhaven Road in Concord near the Lincoln Land Conservation Trust entrance. Abundant parking may be found at the Walden Pond parking lot.

Seasonal Information:

The trails to the Andromeda Ponds may be impassible in the winter due to ice and snow. During spring, summer, and fall, poison ivy may be present on or near the trails. Check for ticks year round with extra consideration in the spring and fall when ticks are most prevalent.

Nearby Sites:

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There are no fees associated with accessing the Andromeda Ponds or the encompassing Adams Woods.