The People of Concord


Subtitle:  American Intellectuals and Their Timeless Ideas

What was it like to live in Concord, Massachusetts in 1845, during a cultural revolution that changed forever the hearts and minds of countless Americans?  This small New England town nourished some of the most progressive and influential thinkers of its time:  Ralph Waldo Emerson, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Henry David Thoreau, Bronson Alcott and his 13-year old daughter, Louisa, and many others.  The People of Concord will transport you to the time of these extraordinary citizens and offer a fascinating look at the “Athens of America.”

Written by Paul Brooks, Editor-in-Chief at Houghton-Mifflin for twenty-five years, and editor for both Rachel Carson and Roger Tory Peterson. As an environmental activist, he was a prolific writer and editor. For his work, he was awarded the John Burroughs Medal, the Sierra Club’s John Muir Medal, The Thoreau Society Medal, and the National Audubon Society’s Hal Borland Award, among others.

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This paperback edition was published in 1990 by Fulcrum Publishing, together with The Walden Woods Project.

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