Plant a Little Bit of Walden in Your Backyard

The Walden Woods Project has partnered with American Heritage Trees (AHT) to offer sapling red maple trees from historic Walden Woods for sale. Red maple is a common tree species throughout Walden Woods, and is known for its beautiful red, fall foliage. It grows relatively quickly to a size of 40 – 60 feet in a wide range of soils. The red maple is featured throughout Henry David Thoreau’s writings due to its striking color and prominence in Walden Woods.


After providing AHT with seeds collected last fall from red maples on Walden Woods Project properties in Concord and Lincoln, hundreds of saplings have been propagated in AHT’s greenhouses in Tennessee and are ready for purchase. A percentage of proceeds from the sale of Henry David Thoreau Red Maple trees benefit The Walden Woods Project. Visit the AHT website for more information and to order your Red Maple from Walden Woods.