Henry’s Hat Presented at Massachusetts Environmental Education Society Conference

In a room packed with educators attending the 2016 Massachusetts Environmental Education Society annual conference in early March, Walden Woods Project staff offered the first public introduction to Henry’s Hat, an elementary education curriculum currently under development. The curriculum gives teachers a way to introduce young students, primarily in grades 3 – 6, to Henry David Thoreau through standards-based lessons across a wide range of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics topics.

Through Henry’s Hat, elementary-aged students learn about Henry’s many talents and skills, which form the basis of each lesson, along with a Thoreau quotation pertinent to the topic at hand. Lessons are hands-on and encourage outdoor activity to help students connect with and develop a sense of place, which was so important to Thoreau and is central to The Walden Woods Project’s educational program goals.

While under development, Henry’s Hat can be seen and explored at www.henrys-hat.org. We are excited about this educational initiative, and welcome comments, feedback and offers to test the curriculum with students.