Thoreau’s Roving Replica

The Walden Woods Project has a way to bring Thoreau’s Walden Pond house TO YOU!

Engage your community in an exploration of sense of place through the use of our roving, to-scale replica of Thoreau’s 10-foot by 15-foot house at Walden Pond. “Thoreau’s Roving Replica” can be constructed indoor or outdoor and can be used in a number of ways…

  • Have students construct artistic representations of the contents of Thoreau’s house…
  • Use the structure to hang pictures of community members’ special places–their “Waldens“…
  • Drape one side with canvas and paint a mural that represents Thoreau’s messages for us in the 21st century.

The possibilities are endless. This roving, to-scale replica is an opportunity to bring Thoreau’s place to yours…and to create a fun and interactive educational activity for all ages!

Wellesley High School’s Evolutions program hosted “Thoreau’s Roving Replica” for three weeks  in fall 2017, using it as part of their technology-rich investigation of sense of place in Walden Woods.




At our own Farm at Walden Woods we welcomed visitors for a day of children’s activities in “Thoreau’s Roving Replica” this fall, as well!

If you want more information about hosting “Thoreau’s Roving Replica” in your community (school, library, church, etc.), please contact our Director of Education, Whitney Retallic.