Read Thoreau

Below are a number of resources that will help you explore Thoreau’s extensive writings–and some suggested activities to get you thinking about and reacting to his words.

On This Day in Thoreau’s Journal

Thoreau kept a journal for most of his life, from the age of 20 until about 6 months before he died at age 44. Published in its entirety for the first time in 1906, the Journal contains more than 2 million words! When groups come to visit us in Walden Woods, we sometimes put together an “On This Day in Thoreau’s Journal…” handout, which offers a multi-year journey through Thoreau’s journal on or around that day. Below are some examples. If you’d like us to put one of these together for a particular day for you, email us!


Thoreau Quotations

Thoreau is one of the most quotable figures of all time. The Walden Woods Project has collected some of most memorable and poignant quotations here.

Thoreau is often misquoted. Avoid making that mistake by checking here for the quotations that are most often misquoted or inaccurately attributed to Thoreau.


Thoroughly Thoreau – Complete Collection of Thoreau Works

Find a complete online collection of Thoreau’s books, essays, poems, and letters here.


Additional Suggested Environmental Readings