Essay Contest Volunteer Form

Thank you for your interest in being a Volunteer Reviewer for our annual Live Deliberately Essay Contest!  We absolutely could NOT run this Contest without the help of volunteers like you!

Live Deliberately Essay Contest Volunteer Reviewers will ideally have at least some experience reviewing/evaluating written work at the middle school, high school and/or college level. There are two possible roles for Volunteer Reviewers:

Round 1/Round 2 Reviewers:

  • Agree to review at least 15-20 essays (if you want to do more, that’s great!)
  • Elect to take part in either Round 1 or 2 of essay review (or both, if you have the time and interest); see form below for exact dates of current year’s review process.
  • Use the provided Essay Contest rubric to provide scores and feedback on each essay.
  • Submit scores and feedback on the essays via google drive (provided by Education Director), using the rubric, within the given time period. Reviewers will have about a week per Round in which to read and review essays.

Please note that we typically need FOUR TIMES as many reviewers for Round 1 as we do for Round 2 (since the top 25% are sent on to Round 2), so if you can only commit to one Round, please consider Round 1, if possible with your schedule.

If you’re interested in reviewing for the Essay Contest please fill out the form here.