Officially Designated the Friends of Walden Pond

The Walden Woods Project partnered with the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation and was given the official distinction of the Friends of Walden Pond. Learn more about the Friends … Read more

25th Anniversary

On April 25th, The Walden Woods Project celebrates its 25th anniversary.

“Bench By The Road” honors Brister Freeman

The Walden Woods Project partners with the Toni Morrison Society, placing a “Bench By The Road,” honoring Brister Freeman, along Thoreau’s Path on Brister’s Hill.

Global Environmental Leadership Award established

Image of statue

The Walden Woods Project establishes the Global Environmental Leadership Award, which “recognizes significant achievement in the areas of climate stability, biodiversity, natural resource stewardship, human understanding, and global environmental policy.” … Read more

Handicapped “Assessed” Loop added

A “Handicap Assessed” loop trail is established at the Walden Wood Project’s Thoreau’s Path on Brister’s Hill, making the first accessible trail in Concord.

Live Deliberately Essay Contest launched

The Live Deliberately Essay Contest is launched.  The annual contest invites youth ages 13-21 from around the world to submit thoughtful reflections on a selected Thoreau quotation.