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To us snow and cold seem a mere delaying of the spring. How far we are from understanding the value of these things in the economy of Nature! — Journal, 8 March 1859—Journal, 8 March 1859
To walk in a winter morning in a wood where these birds abounded, their native woods, and hear the wild cockerels crow on the trees, clear and shrill for miles over the resounding earth, drowning the feebler notes of other birds,—think of it! — WaldenWalden
Was awakened in the night to a strain of music dying away,—passing travellers singing. My being was so expanded and infinitely and divinely related for a brief season that I saw how unexhausted, how almost wholly unimproved, was man’s capacity for a divine life. When I remembered what a narrow and finite life I should anon awake to!—Journal, 19 April 1856
We are most apt to remember and cherish the flowers which appear earliest in the spring. I look with equal affection on those which are the latest to bloom in the fall. — Journal, 31 August 1850—Journal, 31 August 1850
We discover a new world every time that we see the earth again after it has been covered for a season with snow. — Journal, 8 January 1860—Journal, 8 January 1860
We learn by the January thaw that the winter is intermittent and are reminded of other seasons. The back of the winter is broken. — Journal, 14 February 1851—Journal, 14 February 1851
We love to see any redness in the vegetation of the temperate zone. It is the color of colors. — "Autumnal Tints"—"Autumnal Tints"
We may not even see the bare ground, and hardly the water, and yet we sit down and warm our spirits annually with this distant prospect of spring.—Journal, 2 March 1859
We remember autumn to best advantage in the spring; the finest aroma of it reaches us then.—Journal, 9 May 1852
What poem is this of spring, so often repeated! I am thrilled when I hear it spoken of,—as the spring of such a year, that fytte of the glorious epic.—Journal, 18 February 1857
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