To the philosopher all sects all nations are alike. I like Brahma, Hare, Buddha, the Great Spirit, as well as God.—Journal, 26 April 1850
Veias, Menu, Zoroaster, Socrates, Christ, Shakespeare, Swedenborg,—these are some of our astronomers.—A Week on the Concord and Merrimack Rivers
What if God were to confide in us for a moment! Should we not then be gods?—Thoreau to Ralph Waldo Emerson, 12 February 1843
When heaven begins and the dead arise, no trumpet is blown; perhaps the south wind will blow. What if you or I be dead! God is alive still.—Journal, 13 March 1842
When the common man looks into the sky, which he has not so much profaned, he thinks it less gross than the earth, and with reverence speaks of “the Heavens,” but the seer will in the same sense speak of “the Earths,” and his Father who is in them.—Walden
When you travel to the celestial city, carry no letter of introduction. When you knock ask to see God—none of the servants.—Thoreau to H.G.O. Blake, 27 March 1848
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